Repair & Restore

I have been repairing and restoring instruments for almost 30 years. It is most important in this work to respect the original intention of the maker.


While working on instruments by great masters I take the opportunity to study them closely. The gained knowledge and inspiration naturally is the base for my own instruments. My violins are based on old Italian masters like Guanerius, Stradivarius and Guadagnini. Instruments can naturally be tried out in my workshop.

Sound Adjustment

The sound is influenced at large by bridge, soundpost and strings. Are you sure you get the best out of your instrument?

How to care for your instrument

Any instrument should be cleaned and checked over once a year to prevent more serious damages and to assure its sound quality.

Bow Services

Bowmaking/repairing is a profession of its own, even though I offer bowrehairs to my regular customers.

Instrument Buying and Selling

In addition to my own instruments, I also sell old intruments at different prices. Instruments sold on commision have to be in the same excellent condition as the others.


Educational Department:

What is needed

The beginners do not need a Stradivarius violin to start with. Recommendable is an instrument which is functioning well and has a good sound. This is important so that advancing can be heard clearly and the right techniques learned well.


In the beginning a rented instrument is a good alternative. The instrument is of good quality but you do not need to invest much yet.
For rent: Children violin/viola from 14€ per month.


For sale: Good handmade violins, violas, cellos.


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